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Friday, January 2, 2009

Video Panduan Aquaponik

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Drip Irrigation System of Precision Farming in the US modern farm

This method shows the system of the modern farming concept in which we used to call FERTIGATION (Fertilization and Irrigation) or Drip Irrigation whereby the hidroponic fertilizer (in the form of liquid and pre-determined concentration using the calibrated E.C meter) is transported through a P.E and Poly piping and end at the microtube dripper to individual unit of plant. By using this method, each plan is getting the same and consistent amount and also the same concentration of fertilizer and thus, optimise the fruitings

Perusahaan Hidroponik sayur Selada (Lettuce) skala besar di USA

Perusahaan Hidroponik penanaman sayur Selada berskala besar ini dirakam dari dokumentari di Discovery Channel